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International reports

Continuing crisis in Thailand

Giles Ji Ungpakorn

Republic of Cyprus: a Historic Victory for the Left

Phaedon Vassiliades

The general elections, Islam and the left in Turkey

Ron Margulies


A Coup For the Rich—Thailand’s Political Crisis

Giles Ji Ungpakorn

After the Israeli war on Lebanon

Interview with Alex Callinicos: the imperial assault on the Middle East

Ardeshir Mehrdad

The history of Israel’s role in the middle east

Ilan Pappe

From our archive: Tony Cliff on the 1967 Israel-Arab War

Statement against the Lebanese War

Reform and revolution in Latin America

Orlando Chirino interviewed

on Chavez, trade unions, socialism and the proposed unified socialist party in Venezuela.

Beyond Chavistas and anti-Chavistas

George Ciccariello-Maher analyses the political divisions in Venezuela (from Venezuela Analysis)

The mass movement in Oaxaca Mexico

Luis Hernanzez Navarro (from Counterpunch)

Evismo – Reform? Revolution? Counter-Revolution?

Jeffery R Webber on Bolivia (from International Viewpoint)

Tin War in Bolivia

April Howard and Benjamin Dangl (from Upside Down world website)

Morales’s government shifts to right

Translation from Econociasbolivia

Venezuela—Struggles Reported in Caracas

Interview with the Venezuelan Minister of Culture

Venezuela—Moves to Form a New Party

Interview with Orlando Chirino and Stalin Perez Borges of the UNT union federation

Reflections on socialism and democracy: The case of Cuba

Francisco Sobrino

The Cuban Army and the “Chinese Road”

Sam Farber

Real and imaginary bourgeoisies

Claudio Katz

Cuba beyond Fidel

an interview with Sam Farber

Debates in South Korean Marxism

The Formation of North Korean State Capitalism

Was the North Korean Economy in Crisis in the 1950s?

North Korea in the 1950s: Capital Accumulation and Power Struggles

Statement on the North Korean nuclear test

All-together, South Korea

From our archives

Why the Earth Summit failed

David Treece (1992)

The ‘workers’ government

Chris Harman and Tim Potter (1977)

A critique of Nicos Poulantzas

Colin Barker

Theories of Patriarchy

Lindsey German

The state and capitalism today

Chris Harman

Marxism, political economy and the crisis

A Mike Kidron talk from 1974

Gramsci versus Eurocommunism

Chris Harman

The ‘new middle class’ and socialists

Alex Callinicos

The working class after the recession

Chris Harman

Replies to articles

A comment on Alex Callinicos in discussion on origins of capitalism

John Game

Asiatic, Tributary or Absolutist?

Neil Davidson: A Comment on Chris Harman’s The rise of Capitalism

Socialists and the Tasks of Democracy

Geoff Eley: A reply to In the middle way by Colin Barker

The sex work debate

Thierry Schaffauser: A reply to Sexism and Sex work by Jess Edwards

Other articles

Not all Marxism is dogmatism

Chris Harman replies to Michel Husson on profit rates and capitalism’s crisis.

Plumbing the Depths: Marxism and the Holocaust

Alex Callinicos

A Tactical Question

Rosa Luxemburg (translated by Liz Chapman)

Audio and video

Audio and video from recent International Socialism seminars:

Racism in Britain today

Video of the International Socialism seminar with Richard Seymour

State capitalism and revolutionary perspectives: a recording of a debate in 1969 between Ernest Mandel and Mike Kidron:

Ernest Mandel opens the debate

Mike Kidron states his position

Kidron and Mandel sum up

For wide range of recorded talks visit the RestanceMP3 Website

Capitalism: Where it Came From and Where it’s Going

These articles were recommended reading for the day school organised jointly by International Socialism and the journal Historical Materialism in London in November 2004.

Towards the Precipice

Robert Brenner on the crisis in the US economy.

New boom or new bubble?

Robert Brenner

England’s Divergence from China’s Yangzi Delta: Property Relations, Microeconomics, and Patterns of Development

Robert Brenner and Christopher Issett

Marxism and sexuality

The roots of gay oppression

Norah Carlin’s classic account from International Socialism 42, spring 1989.

Mistaken identity: can identity politics liberate the oppressed?

Sharon Smith’s article from International Socialism 62, spring 1994.

Class divisions in the gay community

Peter Morgan’s article from International Socialism 78, spring 1998.

International Socialism Style Guide

A guide to writing articles for International Socialism.