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Journals of the International Socialist Tendency

Socialist Review

Monthly socialist magazine in the UK

Irish Marxist Review

Journal of socialist ideas published by the SWP in Ireland

Σοσιαλισμοσ απο τα κατω (Socialism from Below)

Journal of the Greek organisation SEK

La Hiedra

Journal of En Lucha/ En Lluita (Spanish state)

Other Marxism resources

Marxists Internet Archive

A volunteer based non-profit organisation, with the purpose of educating people around the world about Marxism.

Socialist Review and International Socialism Journal Index

A comprehensive index of articles from Socialist Review and International Socialism Journal

SWP Youtube channel

Videos of events including talks at the annual Marxism conference

Socialist Worker Party website

Includes a selection of education materials including the education for socialists and revolutionary classics pamphlets to download at and a wider selection of education resources at