Back Issues

Issue 182—spring 2024

Interview: fossil imperialism and green capital in the Middle East and North Africa
Hamza Hamouchene

Revisiting the dynamics of imperialism in the Middle East
Anne Alexander

“For the outcasts and by the outcasts”: understanding all of Fanon’s warnings
Leo Zeilig

For a progressive pedagogy: why we need Vygotsky
Jane Bassett

Great Replacement theory: from the fringes to the mainstream
Judith Orr

Issue 181—winter 2024

A second Nakba?
Joseph Choonara

Israel’s roadmap to genocide
Rob Ferguson

Palestine: between permanent war and permanent revolution
Anne Alexander

Interview: Die Linke’s crisis and the German far left
Christine Buchholz

The French impasse
Charlie Kimber

Issue 180—autumn 2023

Interview: Israel’s crisis and the Palestinian resistance
Toufic Haddad and Ilan Pappé

Fighting for the National Health Service in the 1970s—and the lessons for today
Kambiz Boomla

The challenge of antisemitism
Anna Gluckstein

Marx and Spinoza
Alex Callinicos

Against sociobiology: a response to Jane Bassett
Rosemarie Nünning

Issue 179—summer 2023

Workers shake Macron: snapshots from the struggle in France
Denis Godard

Finding new avenues: Scotland’s independence movement and the SNP’s crisis
Maryam Hally and Héctor Sierra

Revolutionaries and elections
Joseph Choonara

Disorder reigns in Khartoum
Anne Alexander

The Demerara Rebellion of 1823: collective bargaining by slave revolt
Christian Høgsbjerg

Issue 178—spring 2023

The British labour movement’s halting recovery
Joseph Choonara

Fascism’s return to Italy? The meaning of the Fratelli d’Italia
Mark L Thomas

Against fatalism: John Molyneux, 1948-2022
Joseph Choonara

Interview: Portugal’s strike movement
Raquel Varela

Ethel Carnie Holdsworth: a wild rebel soul
Judy Cox

Issue 177—winter 2023

On the precipice
Joseph Choonara

After the US midterm elections: what’s changed?
Virginia Rodino

Interview: Iran’s rising for dignity and freedom
Peyman Jafari

Britain’s strike wave: workers on the frontline
Charlie Kimber

Marxism and royalty
Donny Gluckstein and Ian Taylor

Issue 176—autumn 2022

Interview: Sri Lanka’s stalled revolt
Ahilan Kadirgamar

A supreme injustice: the battle for abortion rights in the United States
Judith Orr

Interview: exorcising the cult of Churchill
Tariq Ali

Sexism, the police and abolition
Sheila McGregor

Feeling the heat: wildfires and capitalism
Ian Rappel

Issue 175—summer 2022

The gathering storm
Joseph Choonara

France: a country divided
Judith Orr

Interview: rising up in Sri Lanka
Ahilan Kadirgamar

Imperialism, war and the Eurasian faultline
Rob Ferguson

More than a moment: what did Black Lives Matter achieve?
Nadia Sayed

Issue 174—spring 2022

The devastation of Ukraine: NATO, Russia and imperialism
Joseph Choonara

A race to the right: Éric Zemmour, Marine Le Pen and France’s presidential election
Judith Orr

Interview: prospects for revolutionaries in Sudan
Muzan Alneel and Mohamed Abdelrahman

Jane McAlevey’s organising model: is it a rank and file strategy?
Paul Brook

Dear England? Nationalism and “progressive patriotism” in sport
Sue Caldwell

Issue 173—winter 2022

Uncertain future: workers in the pandemic
Joseph Choonara

After COP26
Martin Empson

Ending apartheid in Palestine: the case for a revolutionary strategy
Anne Alexander

Stalinism’s long shadow
Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Marxism, moral panic and the war on trans people
Laura Miles

Issue 172—autumn 2021

Afghanistan and empire
Joseph Choonara

What to expect from COP26: climate action, climate justice or greenwashing?
Eve Croeser

China, the Uyghurs and the left
Simon Gilbert

Beyond our numbers: a socialist argument about population and the environment
Martin Empson and Ian Rappel

Women’s work in the first civilisations
Rosemarie Nünning

Issue 171—summer 2021

Vast impersonal forces: Biden, state and capital
Joseph Choonara

More than Starmer: why did Labour lose (again)?
Charlie Kimber

Northern Ireland and the crisis of unionism
Kieran Allen

Scottish independence: prospects for breaking up the British State
Donny Gluckstein

Out of the shadows: female Leninists and Russian socialism
Judy Cox

Issue 170—spring 2021

Pandemic politics: year two
Joseph Choonara

Ten years since the Arab revolutions
Anne Alexander

Neoliberal capitalism implodes
Alex Callinicos

Fighting back on Turtle Island
Brian Champ and Michelle Robidoux

The habitable Earth: biodiversity, society and rewilding
Ian Rappel

Issue 169—winter 2021

Analysis: a year under the pandemic
Joseph Choonara

Migration in an era of climate catastrophe
Camilla Royle

How we smashed Golden Dawn
Petros Constantinou

Palestinian youth: a silver lining and a ray of hope
Ilan Pappé

Genderquake: socialist women and the Paris Commune
Judy Cox

Issue 168—autumn 2020

The crisis deepens
Joseph Choonara

Behind the Lebanese apocalypse
Anne Alexander

Racism: individual, institutional and structural
Esme Choonara

The many faces of Marine Le Pen
Judith Orr

Capitalism, coronavirus and mental distress
Iain Ferguson

Issue 167—summer 2020

A triple crisis
Joseph Choonara

France: anatomy of a strange defeat
Jad Bouharoun

The battle in the workplace
Mark L Thomas

Pandemic economics
Michael Roberts

Science, capitalism and Covid-19
John Parrington

Issue 166—spring 2019

Highlights include:

Socialism in a time of pandemics
Joseph Choonara

Class, power and revolution in Sudan
Anne Alexander

The roots of Algeria’s crisis
Gianni Del Panta

Why did Labour lose?
Charlie Kimber

How Marx and Engels fought for women’s liberation
Judy Cox

Issue 165—winter 2020

Highlights include:

A new cycle of revolt
Joseph Choonara

The wages of Brexit
Alex Callinicos

Non-violence, social change and revolution
Martin Empson

From eugenics to scientific racism
Roddy Slorach

The Christian right, the Republican Party and Donald Trump
John Newsinger

Issue 164—autumn 2019

Highlights include:

The British Trump
John Newsinger

Uncontrolled predatory capitalism: the core of Bolsonaro’s government
Eduardo da Motta e Albuquerque and Cláudia Feres Faria

India’s 2019 general election and the deepening of fascistic tendencies
Raju Das

The “NGOisation” of the Syrian Revolution
Julie Hearn and Abdulsalam Dallal

Music, class and party in 1920s Russia
Mark Abel

Issue 163—summer 2019

Highlights include:

Living on revolution time: Sudan and Algeria
by Anne Alexander

Women and the far right
by Judith Orr

The Anti Nazi League and the lessons for today
by Paul Holborow

In defence of party building
by John Molyneux

Issue 162—spring 2019

Highlights include:

Fascism in Europe today
by Mark L Thomas

The French quagmire
by Jad Bouharoun

Dirty energy, capitalism and the working class
by Suzanne Jeffery

Marx and race: a Eurocentric analysis?
by Ken Olende

Issue 161—winter 2019

Highlights include:

Brazil: how big a defeat?
by Valério Arcary

Austria: fascism in government
by David Albrich

Marxist politics at work during the long boom and its breakdown
by Roger Cox

1968 and the troubled birth of the Turkish left
by Carol Williams

Issue 160—autumn 2018

Highlights include:

Value isn’t everything
by John Bellamy Foster and Paul Burkett

Natural capital: a neoliberal response to species extinction
by Ian Rappel

Social reproduction theory: back to (which) Marx?
by Sheila McGregor

The Labour Party and post-neoliberalism
by Martin Upchurch

Ireland’s abortion victory
by Marnie Holborow

Issue 159—summer 2018

Highlights include:

The contemporary dynamics of Imperialism in the Middle East
by Anne Alexander

Out of control? Youth crime, class and capitalism
by Jo Cardwell, Claire Dissington and Brian Richardson

Fourteen days that shook the universities
by Christian Høgsbjerg, Julie Hearn, Carlo Morelli and Camilla Royle

The Prague Spring of 1968: a glimpse of socialism?
by Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Issue 158—spring 2018

Highlights include:

Marx’s politics
by Alex Callinicos

Remembering “Rivers of Blood”
by Shirin Hirsch

How working class women won the vote
by Judy Cox

The political economy of a long depression
by Joseph Choonara

Issue 157—winter 2018

Highlights include:

Marxism, feminism and transgender politics
by Sue Caldwell

Zimbabwe after Mugabe
by Alex Callinicos

Is globalisation finished?
by Martin Upchurch

The radical Robert Burns
by Charlie McKinnon

Issue 156—autumn 2017

Highlights include:

The orphaned revolution: the meaning of October 1917
by Alex Callinicos

Maxim Gorky and the fellow travellers
by Cathy Porter

The Russian Revolution and the British working class
by Pete Jackson

A hard road to travel: black people and racism in the 19th century United States
by Ken Olende

Issue 155—summer 2017

Highlights include:

Podemos, Catalonia and the workers’ movement in the Spanish state
by Héctor Sierra

Fast food rights: organising the unorganised
by Julie Sherry

Science, socialism and the Russian Revolution
by John Parrington

Interview: The meaning of Macron
Vanina Giudicelli

Issue 154—spring 2017

Highlights include:

Antisemitism and the far-right today
by Rob Ferguson

Frantz Fanon: Decolonisation through revolution
by Chris Newlove

Donald Trump: A balance sheet
by Megan Trudell

Lenin’s April Theses and the Russian Revolution
by Kevin Corr

Issue 153—winter 2017

Highlights include:

Donald Trump and the US elections
by Josh Hollands

Lessons of the Syrian Revolution
Interview with Ghayath Naisse

Here to stay, here to fight: How Asians transformed the British working class
by Yuri Prasad

Abortion wars
by Judith Orr

Once more on strikes
by Simon Joyce

Issue 152—autumn 2016

Highlights include:

Food, agriculture and climate change
by Martin Empson

Why did Britain vote Leave?
by Charlie Kimber

The ideology of Europeanism and Europe’s migrant other
by Céline Cantat

Hungary 1956: a socialist revolution
by G M Tamás

Issue 151—summer 2016

Highlights include:

Brexit: A world-historic turn
by Alex Callinicos

Official and unofficial action in the fight against anti-union laws
by Ralph Darlington

Marxism and the Anthropocene
by Camilla Royle

What are we to do with Islam? The case of Turkey
by Ron Margulies

Issue 150—spring 2016

Highlights include:

The “crisis” of the European border regime: Towards a Marxist theory of borders
by Nicholas De Genova

Sanders, Trump and the US working class
by Megan Trudell

Atheism, secularism and religious freedom: Debates within the German left
by Kate Davison

“All changed, changed utterly”: The historical significance of the Irish Revolution
by Shaun Doherty

Issue 149—winter 2016

Highlights include:

A house divided: Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party
by Mark L Thomas

Radical economics, Marxist economics and Marx’s economics
by Jane Hardy

ISIS, imperialism and the war in Syria
by Anne Alexander

Striking debates
by Paul McGarr

Issue 148—autumn 2015

Highlights include:

The EU referendum: The case for a socialist Yes vote
by John Palmer

The internationalist case against the European Union
by Alex Callinicos

Fortress Europe: The war against migrants
by Fran Cetti

Up against the clock: Climate, social movements and Marxism
by Suzanne Jeffery

Issue 147—summer 2015

Highlights include:

Manoeuvres from above, movements from below: Greece under Tsipras
Despina Karayianni and Gareth Jenkins

The global crawl continues
by Michael Roberts

Capitalism and species extinction
by Ian Rappel

Rosa Luxemburg, Richard Müller and the Berlin Workers’ and Soldiers’ councils
by John Rose

Issue 146—spring 2015

Highlights include:

Syriza and the Crisis
Panos Garganas interviewed

After the Paris attacks
by Jim Wolfreys

Islamophobia: The othering of Europe’s Muslims
by Hassan Mahamdallie

Racism and Resistance in the US
by Megan Trudell

Issue 145—winter 2015

Highlights include:

The challenge of Podemos
by Manel Barriere, Andy Durgan and Sam Robson

Why are there so few strikes?
by Simon Joyce

ISIS and counter-revolution: towards a Marxist analysis
by Anne Alexander

An end to isolation? Palestine and the Arab revolutions
by Philip Marfleet

Issue 144—autumn 2014

Highlights include:

The case of the disappearing Lenin
by Kevin Corr and Gareth Jenkins

Ukraine: imperialism, war and the left
by Rob Ferguson

South Africa after Marikana
by Charlie Kimber

Lise Vogel and the politics of women’s liberation
by Nicola Ginsburgh

Issue 143—summer 2014

Highlights include:

UKIP and immigration
by Andy Jones

The changing history of the First World War
by Megan Trudell

The great schism: socialism and war in 1914
by Paul Blackledge

Thunder on the left
by Alex Callinicos

Issue 142—spring 2014

Highlights include:

The SWP and the Great Miners’ Strike
by Dave Hayes

The rank and file and the trade union bureaucracy
by Ralph Darlington

What’s wrong with privilege theory?
by Esme Choonara and Yuri Prasad

Environmentalism in crisis
by Ieuan Churchill

Issue 141—winter 2014

Highlights include:

Can the Tories abolish the welfare state
by Iain Ferguson

Transgender oppression and resistance
by Laura Miles

Raymond Challinor’s Marxism
by Christian Hogsbjerg

Dialectics, nature and the dialectics of nature
by Camilla Royle

Issue 140—Autumn 2013

Highlights include:

Spectres of counter-revolution
by Alex Callinicos

From global slump to long depression
by Michael Roberts

The politics of the SWP crisis
by Charlie Kimber and Alex Callinicos

Michael Gove
by Nick Grant

Agamben in perspective
by Simon Behrman

Online only articles include:
The KPD and the crisis of world revolution
by Yusuf Timms

The working class, trade unions and the left
by Sean Vernell

A response to Kimber and Callinicos
by Jim Wolfreys and others

Contributions to a debate on sexuality and pre-class societies
by Colin Wilson, John Molyneux and Terry Sullivan

Issue 139—Summer 2013

Highlights include:

Where is the British left going?
by Alex Callinicos

Left reformism, the state and the problem of socialist politics today
by Paul Blackledge

Privatising the NHS
by Jeni Gosling

What gender does
by Nancy Lindisfarne and Jonathan Neale

Sexuality in pre-class society
by Colin Wilson

The neoliberal era in Britain: historical developments and current perspectives
by Neil Davidson

Issue 138—Spring 2013

Highlights include:

Economic blues
by Alex Callinicos

Imperialism and instability in East Asia today
by Ha-young Kim

The class struggles in Europe
by Joseph Choonara

From mobilisation to resistance: Portugal’s struggle against austerity
by Catarina Príncipe

Marxism and women’s oppression today
by Sheila McGregor

Lenin’s “Left-Wing” Communism: An Infantile Disorder revisited
by John Rose

Issue 137—Winter 2013

Highlights include:

British sounds
by Alex Callinicos

Why Obama won
by Meqan Trudell

Interview: South Africa after Marikana
by Peter Alexander

“Never going back”: Egypt’s continuing revolution
by Philip Marfleet

Latin America: the tide is turning
by Mike Gonzalez

New divisions of labour in the global economy
by Jane Hardy

Issue 136—Autumn 2012

Highlights include:

Narrowing the bounds of the possible: the US election
by Alex Callinicos

The crisis of black leadership
by Esme Choonara and Yuri Prasad

Democracy: fact and fetish
by Donny Gluckstein

Back to “normality”? US foreign policy under Obama
by Alexander Anievas, Adam Fabry and Robert Knox

In perspective: John Holloway
by Paul Blackledge

“Chavs”, class and representation
by Nicola Ginsburgh

Issue 135—Summer 2012

Highlights include:

The second coming of the radical left
by Alex Callinicos

France after Sarkozy
by Jim Wolfreys

The life and times of Occupy Wall Street
by Jen Roesch

The Rochdale sexual abuse scandal
by Judith Orr

Resistance: the best Olympic spirit
by Dave Zirin and Gareth Edwards

The Syrian Crucible
by Jonathan Maunder

The rise and fall of the Jewish Labour Bund
by Sai Englert

Issue 134—Spring 2012

Highlights include:

Rumours of crisis, revolution and war
by Alex Callinicos

Greece: the struggle radicalises
by Panos Garganas

The politics of the Scottish independence referendum
by Neil Davidson

The shock of the new: anti-capitalism and the crisis
by Jonny Jones

“Most humble day”: the Murdoch empire on the defensive
by John Newsinger

The growth paradigm: a critique
by Gareth Dale

Housing: as it is, and as it might be
by David Renton

Pitfalls and radical mutations: Frantz Fanon’s revolutionary life
by Leo Zeilig

The late Christopher Hitchens
by Richard Seymour

Race and class in the US
by Nicola Ginsburgh

Issue 133—Winter 2012

Highlights include:

The crisis wears on
by Alex Callinicos

The rebirth of our power? After the 30 November mass strike
by Charlie Kimber

The Occupy movement and class politics in the US
by Megan Trudell

Interview: Working people have no interest in saving the euro
by Costas Lapavitsas

China’s capitalism and the crisis
by Jane Hardy and Adrian Budd

The Egyptian workers’ movement and the 25 January Revolution
by Anne Alexander

Libya at the crossroads
by Simon Assaf

Revolution against “progress”: the TIPNIS struggle and class contradictions in Bolivia
by Jeffery R Webber

“Take that, Maynard G Krebs!”: the Beat Generation.
by Adam Marks

Engels’s contradictions: a reply to Tristram Hunt
by Roland Boer

Issue 132—Autumn 2011

Highlights include:

The crisis of our time
by Alex Callinicos

“No one represents us”: the 15 May movement in the Spanish state
by Andy Durgan and Joel Sans

August 2011: a riot of our own
by Jonny Jones

Queer theory and politics
by Colin Wilson

Global cities, global workers in the 21st century
by Mike Haynes

Behind and beyond the crisis
by Guglielmo Carchedi

Once more (with feeling) on Marxist accounts of the crisis
by Joseph Choonara

Tony Cliff rediscovered
by Nigel Harris and Christian Høgsbjerg

Robert Wedderburn: race, religion and revolution
by Michael Morris

Issue 131—Summer 2011

Highlights include:

Unsteady as she goes
by Alex Callinicos

Britain’s trade unions: the shape of things to come
by Martin Smith

The Tories: an anatomy
by Richard Seymour

The growing social soul of Egypt’s democratic revolution
by Anne Alexander

Culture and multiculturalism
by Gareth Jenkins

Geert Wilders and the rise of the new radical right
by Maina van der Zwan

The Great Unrest and a Welsh town
by Tim Evans

The London Crowd, 1760-2010
by Keith Flett

Issue 130—Spring 2011

Highlights include:

The return of the Arab revolution
by Alex Callinicos

Tunisia: The people’s revolution
by Chamseddine Mnasri

Act One of the Egyptian Revolution
by Philip Marfleet

Social Media and Social Movements
by Jonny Jones

The student movement today
by Dan Swain

The origins of the united front policy
by John Riddell

The Tories, Eton and private schools
by David Renton

The London Crowd, 1760-2010
by Keith Flett

Issue 129—Winter 2011

Highlights include:

The student revolt and the crisis
by Alex Callinicos and Jonny Jones

Mad as hatters? The Tea Party movement in the US
by Megan Trudell

Police killings and the law
by Simon Behrman

Labourism and socialism: Ralph Miliband’s Marxism
by Paul Blackledge

True crime stories: some New Labour memoirs
by John Newsinger

Marxism and disability
by by Roddy Slorach

Decoding capitalism
by Joseph Choonara

What’s wrong with school history?
by Andrew Stone

Why we should be sceptical of climate sceptics
by Suzanne Jeffery

Tony Cliff’s Lenin and the Russian Revolution
by John Rose

Issue 128—Autumn 2010

Highlights include:

Palestine, Israel and the boycott
by Tom Hickey and Phil Marfleet

Hamas, Gaza and the blockade
by Jamie Allinson

The euro crisis and the future of EU integration
by by Christakis Georgiou

Crisis and Recession in central and Eastern Europe
by Jane Hardy

The Ironies of Indian Maoism
by Jairus Banaji

Michelangelo and Human Emancipation
by John Molyneux

From deflected permanent revolution to the law of uneven and combined development
by Neil Davidson

Issue 127—Summer 2010

Highlights include:

Marxism and feminism today
by Judith Orr

Zionism, Socialism and Nationalism
by Shlomo Sand and John Rose

Reviving the spirit of equality
by Richard G Wilkinson and Iain Ferguson

1937: the year of the sitdown
by John Newsinger

Reassessing the permanent arms economy
by Gonzalo Pozo

Daniel Bensaid: 1946-2010
by Sebastian Budgen

Empire and literature
by Gareth Jenkins

Issue 126—Spring 2010

Highlights include:

The changing face of racism
by Richard Seymour

Climate politics after Copenhagen
by Jonathan Neale

C L R James and the Black Jacobins
by Christian Høgsbjerg

25 years after the Great Miners’ Strike
by Jack Robertson

Tony Cliff: Deflected permanent revolution in Africa
by Leo Zeilig

Rethinking imperialism: past, present and future
by Gilbert Achcar

Conceding the Russian Revolution to Liberals
by Kevin Murphy

Issue 125—Winter 2010

Highlights include:

Snapshots of struggle

Ireland: From shock therapy to resistance
by Kieran Allen

France: From economic to political struggles
by Denis Godard

Opposition and opportunity in Germany
by Stefan Bornost

Greece: The eye of the storm?
by Panos Garganas

Sketches of Spain
by Mike Eaude

Chris Harman 1942-2009

A life in the struggle
by Ian Birchall

Althusser: The emperor has no clothes
by Chris Harman

Another side of Chris Harman
by Joseph Choonara

Not all Marxism is dogmatism
by Chris Harman

Zombie Capitalism and the origin of crises
by Guglielmo Carchedi

A whiff of tear gas
by Andy Durgan

Marxism and anarchism
by Paul Blackledge

The sex work debate
by Jane Pritchard

Obama’s first year
by Megan Trudell

Honduras is not just another banana republic
by Mike Gonzalez

Issue 124—Autumn 2009

Highlights include:

1989: How the wall was toppled

A short autumn of utopia: the East German revolution of 1989
by Gareth Dale

End of the liberal dream: Hungary since 1989
by Adam Fabry

Rupture and Revolt in Iran
by Peyman Jafari

Interview: Will the sparks flare up?
by Michael Bradley and Charlie Kimber

Pinning the blame on the system
by Andrew Kliman

On party democracy
by John Molyneux

Issue 123—Summer 2009

Highlights include:

How do we stop the BNP?
by Martin Smith

Marxists accounts of the crisis
by Joseph Choonara

Gandhi: the man behind the myths
by Talat Ahmed

Capitalism, health and medicine
by Mike Haynes

The full story: Marxism and religion
by Roland Boer

Issue 122—Spring 2009

Highlights include:

In the balance: The class struggle in Britain
by Charlie Kimber

Migration, migrant workers and capitalism
by Jane Hardy

Culture and socialism
by Terry Eagleton

1934: Year of the fightback
by John Newsinger

Social work after “Baby P”
by Iain Ferguson and Michael Lavalette

Issue 121—Winter 2009

Highlights include:

The slump of the 1930s and the crisis today
by Chris Harman

Myths of globalisation and the new economy
by Bill Dunn

Viewpoints on the European radical left
by Francois Sabado and Panos Garganas

Obama and the working class vote
by Megan Trudell

How classical music lost its audience
by Simon Behrman

Trotsky on race in the US
by Christian Hogsbjerg

Chavez ten years on
by Mike Gonzalez

Issue 120—Autumn 2008

Highlights include:

Afghanistan: the case against the “good war”
by Jonathan Neale

Where is the radical left going?
by Alex Callinicos

Marxism and ethics
by Paul Blackledge

Crisis at the centre of the system
by Andrew Kliman

A fiftieth birthday for Marxist theory
by Ian Birchall

Issue 119—Summer 2008

Highlights include:

More than opium: Marxism and religion
by John Molyneux

Behind the world food crisis
by Carlo Moreli

China, Tibet and the left
by Charlie Hore

Zimbabwe: imperialism, hypocrisy and fake nationalism
by Leo Zeilig

Marx, Leon and the Jewish Question
by John Rose

Issue 118—Spring 2008

Highlights include:

1968: an extraordinary year

France: May through the decades
by Matt Perry

Martin Luther King in Memphis
by Brian Kelly

Tony Cliff in 1968
by Ian Birchall

Egypt’s strike wave
by Anne Alexander, Mustafa Bassiouny and Omar Said

China’s growth pains
by Charlie Hore

Foucault: friend of foe of the left
by Colin Wilson

Analysing Imperial China
by Simon Gilbert

When old Labour went to war
by John Newsinger

Issue 117—Winter 2008

Highlights include:

Costas Lapavitsas interviewed on the credit crunch

Theorising neoliberalism
by Chris Harman

Capitalism and happiness
by Iain Ferguson

The African working class and the planet of slums
by Leo Zeilig and Claire Ceruti

25 Years of Imagined Communities
by Neil Davidson

Shakespeare, Marxism and literary history
by Joe Hartney

Issue 116—Autumn 2007

Highlights include:

The return of the working class: Egypt’s strike wave and South Africa’s struggles
by Sameh Naguib and Claire Ceruti

Can we write a history of the Russian Revolution
by Kevin Murphy

The Return of Russian Power?
by Mike Haynes

Germany’s political earthquake
by Stefan Bornost

Gordon Childe and Marxist archaeology
by Neil Faulkner

Interview with Mike Gonzalez: Venezuela’s tensions

Corporations and climate change
by Gareth Dale

The Dutch Revolt
by Pepijn Brandon

Realism and Film
by Mike Wayne

Issue 115—Summer 2007

Highlights include:

Robin Blackburn interview: What really ended slavery?

Brown’s Journey from Reformism to Neoliberalism
by John Newsinger

José Carlos Mariátegui: Latin America’s forgotten Marxist
by Mike Gonzalez

At an impasse? Anti-capitalism and the social forums today
by Alex Callinicos and Chris Nineham

France at the crossroads
by Antoine Boulangé and Jim Wolfreys

Kim Moody interview: The superpower’s shopfloor

The rate of profit and the world today
by Chris Harman

Issue 114—Spring 2007

Highlights include:

Antonio Gramsci’s Revolutionary Legacy

Megan Trudell on 1919-20, the Turin Years

Chris Bambery on Hegemony and Revolutionary Strategy

Chris Harman on The Prison Notebooks

Adrain Budd on Gramsci and International Relations

LGBT Politics and Sexual Liberation
by Colin Wilson

The Big Brother Phenomena
by Colin Sparks

Sami Ramadani interviewed on Iraq

Northern Irelands New Troubles
by Goretti Horgan and Kieran Allen

Scottish Independence
by Neil Davidson

Issue 113 – Winter 2007

Highlights include:

The shape of the working class
by Martin Smith

A history of Muslim workers in Britain
by Hassan Mahamdallie

Ken Livingstone—the last reformist?
by Charlie Kimber

Contortions of the pro-war “left”
by Richard Seymour

The return of strategy
by Daniel Bensaid

Issue 112 – Autumn 2006

Highlights include:

Hizbollah and the war Israel lost
by Chris Harman

1956: Hungary’s revolution
by Mike Haynes

Suez and the high tide of Arab nationalism
by Anne Alexander

The New Left’s renewal of Marxism
by Paul Blackledge

CLR James: Revolutionary as artist
by Christian Høgsbjerg

Issue 111 – Summer 2006

Highlights include:

France’s extraordinary movementAnnick Coupé, Marie Perrin

Italy’s uncertain victoryDanilo Corradi, Brune Seban, Barbara de Vivo

Germany’s strategy debateVolkhard Mosler, Christine Buchholz, Maya Mosler

The hidden history of US radicalismMegan Trudell

Cuba behind the mythsChris Harman

What was done: rediscovering LeninPaul Blackledge

Debate: the origins of capitalismChris Harman and Robert Brenner

Seventy years after the Spanish Civil WarAndy Durgan

Issue 110 – Spring 2006

Highlights include:

Venezuela: movement and governmentRoland Denis

The Bolsheviks and IslamDave Crouch

Marxism and terrorismGareth Jenkins

Enlightenment and anti-capitalismNeil Davidson

Pakistan: on the edge of instabilityGeoff Brown

Mao out of contextCharlie Hore

Issue 109 – Winter 2006

Highlights include:

France in revoltJim Wolfreys

The politics of the banlieuesAbdellali Hajjat

Dossier: Reform and revolution in VenezuelaMarta Harnecker, José Vincente Rangel, Stalin Perez Borges, Miguel Angel Hernandez and Emilio Bastidas

Iraq: resistance and sectarianismInterviews with Sami Ramadani and Haifa Zangana

China’s economy and Europe’s crisisChris Harman

Anti-capitalism and the return of politicsChris Nineham

Gramsci and revolution: a necessary clarificationRoberto Robaina

Issue 108 – Autumn 2005

Highlights include:

France: the triumph of the politicalStathis Kouvélakis

Germany: the rise of the leftStefan Bornost

A note on the Dutch referendumPepijn Brandon

Poland and the new EuropeJane Hardy and Andy Zebrowski

25 years ago: the rise of SolidarnoscColin Barker

Respect: the view from belowIan Taylor

Bolivia: the rising of the peopleMike Gonzalez

The left and the crisis of the Lula governmentPaulo Trinidade, Rui Polly and Sérgio Dominguez

Imperialism and global political economyAlex Callinicos

Issue 107 – Summer 2005

Highlights include:

The strangling of Africa

Redesigning the debt trap
Gavin Capps

Aid, governance and exploitation
Charlie Kimber

Trading on poverty
Jacob Middleton

On the road to catastrophe: capitalism and climate change
Paul McGarr

Sartre’s century
Ian Birchall

Issue 106 – Spring 2005

Highlights include:

The elections and the resistance in Iraq
Anne Alexander and Simon Assaf

The changing structure of the British economy
Jane Hardy

Can we change the world without taking power?

A debate between John Holloway and Alex Callinicos World Social Forum, 27 January 2005

Issue 105 – Winter 2005

Highlights include:

Iraq: The rise of the resistance

by Anne Alexander and Simon Assaf

Workers, women and the Islamic republic

An interview with Elaheh Rostami Povey

The birth of our politics: Marxists and the 1905 Revolution
by Mark Thomas

Issue 104 – Autumn 2004

Highlights include:

Spontaneity, strategy and politics
by Chris Harman

NGOs: enemies or allies?
by Ji Giles Ungpakorn

Venezuela: many steps to come
by Mike Gonzalez

Issue 103 – Summer 2004

Highlights include:

China’s century?
by Charlie Hore

India after the elections: a rough guide
by Chris Harman

A band of brothers?
by Michael Bradley

Issue 102 – Spring 2004

Highlights include:

The hijab, racism and the state
by Antoine Boulangé

Globalisation against development
by François Chesnais

The rise of capitalism
by Chris Harman

Issue 101 – Winter 2003

Highlights include:

Women’s liberation today
by Lindsey German

The politics of food
by Carlo Morelli

Issue 100 — Autumn 2003

Highlights include:

Socialism in the 21st century
by John Rees

Global and local echoes of the anti-war movement: a British Muslim perspective
by Salma Yaqoob

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