Issue 104

Anti-capitalism five years after Seattle

Spontaneity, strategy and politics

Chris Harman

NGOs: enemies or allies?

Ji Giles Ungpakorn

Venezuela: many steps to come

Mike Gonzalez

Book reviews

Isaac Deutscher: the prophet, his biographer and the watchtower

Neil Davidson

A truly human culture

Gareth Jenkins

A review of Al Richardson (ed), Victor Serge, Collected Writings on Literature and Revolution (Francis Boutle, 2004), £12.99

Hidden jewels from the Balkans

Mike Haynes

A review of Andreja Zivkovic and Dragan Plavsic (eds), The Balkan Socialist Tradition: Balkan Socialism and the Balkan Federation, 1871-1915 (Revolutionary History, vol 8, no 3, 2003), £12.95

Islam through the looking-glass

Anne Alexander

A review of Gilbert Achcar, Eastern Cauldron: Islam, Afghanistan, Palestine and Iraq in a Marxist Mirror (Monthly Review, 2004), £12.99

Digging deeper

Chris Harman

A review of Thomas C Patterson, Marx’s Ghost: Conversations with Archaeologists (Berg, 2004), £15.99

Pick of the quarter

Pick of the quarter

One welcome by-product of the growth of the anti-capitalist movement since Seattle has been the international flowering of Marxist analysis in a variety of journals. In this new column we begain a regular survey of articles which readers will find useful. Some, although by no means all, are available on the web.