Issue 102


The hijab, racism and the state

Antoine Boulangé

Globalisation against development

François Chesnais

The rise of capitalism

Chris Harman

Refounding further

Fausto Bertinotti

Tom Behan interviews the national secretary of the Party of Communist Refoundation


All praise war!

Nigel Harris

Book reviews

The state of the union

Jane Hardy

A review of Joseph Stiglitz, The Roaring Nineties: Seeds of Destruction (Penguin, 2003), £18.99 and Paul Krugman, The Great Unravelling: From Boom to Bust in Three Scandalous Years (Allen Lane, 2003), £18.99.

Imperialism: just a phase we’re going through?

Judy Cox

A review of Alex Callinicos, The New Mandarins of American Power (Polity Press, 2003), £13.99; Imperialism Now (Monthly Review, August 2003), £8; David Harvey, The New Imperialism (Oxford University Press, 2003), £16.99; Leo Panitch and Colin Leys (eds), The New Imperial Challenge: Socialist Register 2004 (Merlin, 2003), £14.95

Reclaiming Sartre

Rebecca Pitt

A review of Ian Birchall, Sartre Against Stalinism (Berghahn Books, 2004), £36.50