Issue 100


Socialism in the 21st century

John Rees

Socialism is about working people being willing and able to fight for a society free of exploitation and oppression. If socialism is not about creating a society without oppression and exploitation then it is merely another word for capitalism. And if working people are not willing or able to fight for such a society then, no matter what meaning we give the word, socialism is unattainable.

Global and local echoes of the anti-war movement: a British Muslim perspective

Salma Yaqoob

The broad party, the revolutionary party and the united front: a reply to John Rees

Murray Smith

Revolutions in evolution: Stephen Jay Gould in perspective

Paul McGarr

Book reviews

Life after capitalism

James Meadway

A review of Hilary Wainwright, Reclaim the State (Verso, 2003), £15; George Monbiot, The Age of Consent (Flamingo, 2003), £13.99; Michael Albert, Parecon (Verso, 2003), £16; and Alex Callinicos, An Anti-Capitalist Manifesto (Polity, 2003), £12.50

Can capitalism go on forever?

Judy Cox

A review of Rosa Luxemburg, The Accumulation of Capital (Routledge, 2003), £9.99