Issue 152


Widening fractures

Alex Callinicos

Why did Britain vote Leave?

Charlie Kimber

The ideology of Europeanism and Europe’s migrant other

Céline Cantat

Food, agriculture and climate change

Martin Empson

Real capitalism: turbulent and antagonistic, but not imperfect

Michael Roberts

Hungary 1956: a socialist revolution

G M Tamás

The British Empire and the First World War: the colonial experience

Talat Ahmed

Into the digital void?

Martin Upchurch

Marx deflated: Gareth Stedman Jones

Alex Callinicos

Marie Equi, Wobbly

John Newsinger

The new Cuba: myths and realities

Mike Gonzalez


Is disability different? A reply to Rob Murthwaite

Roddy Slorach

The Kapp Putsch and the German October: a reply to John Rose

Tony Phillips

Book reviews

Egypt: In the heart of the struggle

Philip Marfleet

For a right not to work

Chris Newlove

Incorporation and exclusion: Israel’s Palestinian citizens

Miriam Scharf

Imperialism: novel forms, old problems

Adrian Budd

Changing the world, changing ourselves

Geoff Brown

Pick of the quarter

This quarter’s selection

Day school: Marxism and Nature

Our one day conference on Marxism and Nature took place on Saturday 15 October 2016
with Ian Angus, editor of online journal Climate & Capitalism and author of Facing the Anthropocene
Go to for videos and more information