Issue 127


The mould cracks

Marxism and feminism today

Judith Orr

Interview: Zionism, socialism and nationalism

Shlomo Sand & John Rose

Interview: Reviving the spirit of equality

Richard G Wilkinson & Iain Ferguson

1937: the year of the sitdown

John Newsinger

Reassessing the permanent arms economy

Gonzalo Pozo

The Red Hussar: Daniel Bensaïd, 1946-2010

Sebastian Budgen

Empire and literature

Gareth Jenkins


Another side of anarchism

Ian Birchall

A response to the sex work debate

Gareth Dale and Xanthe Rose

Book reviews

Economic development

Joseph Choonara

Sharing history

Penny McCall Howard

Gramsci rendered whole

Chris Bambery

Driving American decline

G Francis Hodge

Philosophy on the barricades

Stacey Whittle

Drama in three acts

Louis Bayman

Dispelling “the Malthus myth”

Martin Empson

Poles apart?

Adam Fabry

Irrational records

Paul Blackledge

Contesting the revolutionary tradition

Leo Zeilig

Pick of the quarter

This quarter’s selection