Issue 108


Three faultlines

Chris Harman

Europe: birth of a new left

France: the triumph of the political

Stathis Kouvélakis

Germany: the rise of the left

Stefan Bornost

A note on the Dutch referendum

Pepijn Brandon

Poland and the new Europe

Jane Hardy and Andy Zebrowski

The rise of Solidarnosc

Colin Barker

Respect: the view from below

Ian Taylor

Bolivia: the rising of the people

Mike Gonzalez

The left and the crisis of the Lula government

Paulo Trinidade, Rui Polly and Sérgio Dominguez

Imperialism and global political economy

Alex Callinicos

Critical notes on Edward Said

Irfan Habib

Making sense of socialism today

Chris Harman

1905: The consciousness factor

Pete Glatter

Pierre Broué: A rare combination

Ian Birchall

Book reviews

When history failed to turn

Neil Davidson

Winning and losing

August Nimtz

Putting Marx back in the picture

Judy Cox

Half-explaining the crisis

Chris Harman

Mujahideen on mopeds

Anne Alexander

Engaging culture

Gareth Jenkins

An inferior brew

John Newsinger

Pick of the quarter

Pick of the quarter

Chris Harman


Feedback: Transport and climate change

James Woodcock