Issue 105


Iraq: The rise of the resistance

Anne Alexander and Simon Assaf

Workers, women and the Islamic republic

An interview with Elaheh Rostami Povey

The birth of our politics: Marxists and the 1905 Revolution

Mark Thomas

Trade Unions: Back from the brink or still on the margins?

Gregor Gall

Trade Unions: Politics and the struggle

Martin Smith

Rifondazione’s U-turn

Fabio Ruggiero

Extracts from Bertinotti’s Theses

The history of an argument

Chris Harman

Mulk Raj Anand: novelist and fighter

Talat Ahmed

Marxism on the web

Martin Empson

Book reviews

The false promise

Sabby Sagall

A review of John Rose, The Myths of Zionism (Pluto, 2004), £14.99

Empty method man

Chris Harman

A review of Kieran Allen, Max Weber: A Critical Introduction (Pluto Press, 2004), £11.99

Dylan’s back pages

Pat Stack

A review of Bob Dylan, Chronicles: Volume One (Simon and Schuster, 2004), £16.99

Marx or the multitude?

Joseph Choonara

A review of Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri, Multitude: War and Democracy in the Age of Empire (Penguin, 2004), £19.99

A life on the left

Paul Blackledge

A review of John Saville, Memoirs from the Left (Merlin Press, 2003), £14.95

Contested values

Chris Harman

A review of Olivier Roy, Globalised Islam: The Search for the New Ummah (Hurst, 2004), £16.95; Mariam Abou Zahab and Olivier Roy, Islamist Networks: The Afghan-Pakistan Connection (Hurst, 2004), £14.95; Muzaffar Alam, The Languages of Political Islam: India 1200-1800 (Hurst, 2004), £35

A highly successful school

Pick of the quarter

Pick of the quarter

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